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Posted by PJO on 2003-02-13 07:53:34
Rauchenfels Steinbier can still be obtained in bottles from the brewery in Oberdorf (Privat-Brauerei Franz-Joseph Sailer: Also from Same Brewery Altenmünster Brauer Bier) and from larger supermarkets/drinks distributors. There has not been any Steinbier brewed in Neustadt b Coburg for a while. Also connected with the same 'owner' is Altenmünster (in a variety of fancy bottles) which at one time was brewed in Weissenbrunn (near Kronach: Brauerei Gampert in still in action there though). Incidentally, 'Altenmünster' had taken over in Altenbanz.
     Rauchenfels by Fred Waltman on  2003-02-13 10:49:31
       Rauchenfels by Jos Brouwer on  2003-02-14 03:40:59