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Brauerei Strauss of Wettelsheim
Posted by Dr. Friedrich Heberlein on 2003-07-26 14:56:30
>please let us know why you like this brewery so much 1. beer is always fresh 2. no "legal" means of conservating adhibited e.g., short time heatin up) 3. beer is stored in timer barrels 4. beer is stored in natural cellars at a constant temprature of 9 dgrees celsius all the year round 5. beer and food are both excellent and cheap 6. beer garde, or rahter, in local dialect "beer cellar", is romantic, with a splendid view of Altmuehl valley 7. beer garden ist only a 15 minutes walk from Treuchtlingen station, which is werved every our by trins from Nuremberg, Munich, Wuerzburg, and Augsburg. 8. keeper and waiters are, if not english speaking :(, very kind. Regards, Fritz Heberlein (living in a 40 km distance from Wettelsheim, no personal connections to the enterprise)