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Schlenkerla too 'touristy?'
Posted by Jos Brouwer on 2003-06-22 13:58:55
No - Personally I don't think Schlenkerla is "too touristy" - although it is probably the brewery tap that attracts the most tourists. Yes, it is in a way comparable to the Hofbrauhaus in Munich, but not to the end: Locals do go to Schlenkerla, where the Hofbrauhaus seems to _only_ attract tourists, and no sensible thinking inhabitant of Munich would go to the Hofbrauhaus - I've heard rumours (I didn't check it myself, I try to avoid to go to Munich) that 99% of the staff consists of foreigners as well. Yes, there are quite some locals visiting Schlenkerla - and they have their local's table (Stammtisch) as well - of course. It still is one of the classic premises of Bamberg, and I still don't like to miss it on a visit to Bamberg. Possibly the people who claim Schlenkerla to be too touristy, have their local's table at one of the other breweries (maybe a brewery that is jealous of the business they have at Schlenkerla?). BTW: There is a flaw in "If it's Tuesday, this must be Bamberg": Tuesday is Ruhetag at Schlenkerla...
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