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Georg-Lechner Biermuseum - Oelde
Posted by Jos Brouwer on 2003-06-22 13:39:46
It could look off-topic to mention a Westfalia based brewery here, but it is not really. In Pott's brewery, Oelde ( the private collection of (Baunach/Bamberg born and co-founder of the Bamberg brewery museum) Georg Lechner has found a home. Apart from a lot of historical stuff from Westfalen, there is an awful lot of historical material from Bamberg/Franconia displayed. The exhibits include a large collection of stone mugs, some well over 100 years old. Also found in the museum is some former private furniture of Georg Lechner - a large wooden lager vessel, once used as a bed, and some wooden casks that used to be used as chairs - I once sat on them sipping some beer when I visited George when he lived in Leverkusen (years ago!). Well worth a visit! (BTW: Stefan Mack's Fränkische Brauereikarte is still available here) And when you're around, you might also consider a visit to Stiefel Jürgens home brew pub in nearby Beckum - oldest home brew pub in Westfalen (1680).