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Greetings from Bamberg -- day 2 and 3
Posted by Fred Waltman on 2003-07-28 02:51:50
Day 2 was just waling around visiting all the old favorite spots and one new one, Wilde Rosa Keller -- it has never been open when I've been here before. The setting was very nice -- the Wilde Rosa Kellerbier tasted like Maisel, which is to say fine, but not special. They do have Schlenkerla on draft, which is fine with me. One other new place/beer. We were walking down Obere Königstrasse towards the Weissbierhaus and a little wine cafe caled Cafe Bodega had a sign in the window -- Brauerei Knoblach vom Fass. Sure enough, the waitress pulled a 5 litre keg out of the fridge and gravity poured us a couple of beers. The keg had been open all day, so the beer was a little oxydized, but not too much. It was a nice beer and hit the spot. Sunday night was at a pub, Stilbruch, that sells Otto Hübner Bräu from Steinfeld on Sunday nights. Got there in time for happy hour and each beer was only €1! Off to Annafest...
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