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GBBF Fischer Helles
Posted by rauchbier on 2003-08-26 15:55:00
Strangely, the GBBF BSF German beer list available from the bar gave a website for the Fischer as! What is the BSF bar manager doing in Austria? I thought he was Yorkshire born and bred, they normally holiday in Cleethorpes!
             GBBF Fischer Helles by Fred Waltman on  2003-08-26 16:24:17
             GBBF Fischer Helles by Jos Brouwer on  2003-08-27 16:05:35
               GBBF Fischer Helles by Jos Brouwer on  2003-09-10 13:22:22
                 GBBF Fischer Helles by rauchbier on  2003-09-10 14:54:05
                   GBBF Fischer Helles by Ian Garrett on  2003-09-19 04:00:10
                     GBBF Fischer Helles by Fred Waltman on  2003-09-19 22:32:40
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