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Rauchenfels (and other Franconian breweries) and Sailer
Posted by Jos Brouwer on 2003-10-11 12:26:49
I did some research: looking it up in my 1989 Stefan Mack guide. (145) Rauchenfels: Inhaber: Gerd Borges. (185) Weissenbrunn: Inhaber: Gerd Borges. (112) Schweizerhof: Inhaber: Gerd Borges. (numbers refer to Stefan Mack's brewery numbering) And Gerd Borges is also mentioned in my 1990 Brewery directory as the owner of Marktoberdorf. So the mentioned breweries were already incorporated in Sailer's group before they closed. BTW, If the total output is now 150.000 hl/year (as I recall from the press clipping), the total output has gone down dramatically. Or I have overseen something (maybe 150.000 hl is the output of Altenmuenster only?). In 1989 (Stefan Mack): Weissenbrunn 150.000 hl Rauchenfels 18.000 hl Schweizerhof 40.000 hl Totalling just over 200.000 hl In 1990 (Brauerei Adressbuch) Weissenbrunn 130.000 hl Rauchenfels 20.000 hl Kulmbacher Schweizerhof not mentioned as a brewery (probably cloesd by then) Altenmuenster Kronenbrau 60.000 hl Sailer 300.000 hl (however it is unclear if this is for the whole operation or only Sailer in Marktoberdorf).