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Bamberg Bocks
Posted by Fred Waltman on 2003-11-04 16:22:52
I think it is pretty much "while supplies last" but there is plenty of time. I have been told that Schlenkerla usually lasts until Christmas. And some are not even out yet -- Spezial and Greifenklau, IIRC, come out in November.
     Bamberg Bocks by Gerhard Schoolmann on  2003-11-05 10:31:46
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       Bamberg Bocks by Jos Brouwer on  2003-11-06 12:37:52
         Bamberg Bocks by rauchbier on  2003-11-06 15:24:51
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             Bamberg Bocks by Fred Waltman on  2003-11-06 17:56:31
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