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Landbierparadies and drinking in Nurnberg (a little long)
Posted by MikeK on 2003-12-08 12:36:53
I visited two of the Nurnberg Landbierparadies locations a few days ago during a two evening stay. I visited the shop on Schloßäckerstraße and the pub on Rothenburger Str last Thursday. I did not take extensive notes because I did not have a great deal of time. The shop is on a quiet residential street "behind" the Hauptbanhof, perhaps a 20 minute walk. I walked there from the Maritim Hotel which is a few minutes from the railroad station. There is a sign on the wall and an entryway into a courtyard which you cross to find the doorway. There are a couple rooms with cases of beer available either in quantity or by individual bottle. The front room had the winter beers and the backroom seemed to have the regular stock. I purchased three Weihnachts beers and one bock for about €80-90 cents each. Since I forgot to bring my day pack I also purchased a Landbierparadies tote bag for one euro. They also sell schnapps. The person in the shop did not speak any English. I speak a little German so we did not have any problems with our exchange. He was very friendly and recommended his favorite winter beer. The bar on Rothenburger is probably a 30 minute walk from the train station. It is also three U-bahn stops, I think, from the train station and then a 5-10 minute walk from the Rothenburger stop, on the right side of the street walking away from the Altstadt. It is across from a small church yard cemetery. It was pretty crowded on Thursday evening. They feature one wooden keg from a different Franconian brewery each night. They also had about 15-20 beers from Franconian breweries. The bottled beers are in different styles and the menu provides a brief description. Unfortunately, they did not have any Weihnachts or winter beers available in bottle, even though the shop did. I do not know if they regularly offer seasonal beers, but they were not offering any in early December. The draft beer and most of the bottles cost €2.10 for a half liter draft or bottle. There is also a food menu. I did not ask if anyone spoke English since my German is good enough to order beers, albeit not good enough to completely figure out the menu descriptions. I was impressed with the place, both because of their exclusive focus on small breweries and also because it was crowded with mostly 20 and 30 somethings, showing that there is interest among the younger folk in preserving the small breweries. On Friday, We visited Schlenkerla-Schranke where I had the Schlenkerla bock and my girlfriend had a beer, the brewery of which I forgot (and I do not have my notes with me). We also revisited the Altstadthof brewpub. They currently have a helles, dunkles, rotbier, and weizen on draft and were serving a bock from bottles. We did not revisit the Barfüßer brewpub because we did not have the time and I was not that impressed on my first visit a few years ago. If inquiring minds want to know, I can provide a list of what we drank and what I bought in Nurnberg. Mike
   Landbierparadies and drinking in Nurnberg (a little long) by Fred Waltman on  2003-12-09 00:49:33