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July beer and biking trip
Posted by Jos Brouwer on 2003-12-27 16:20:28
Keep a look at and more specifically at (in dutch only, I'm afraid, but you should be able to destill the basic data) where I try to keep track of all events that I know of. Another possible source of information could be (in German), and of course the calender part of this very site, at The Annafest is very good indeed, but other (smaller) kirchweihen can also be very interesting. If you are looking for something (big-scale, very commercial) that is similar to the Octoberfest, the Kulmbacher Bierwoche could be a suggestion. Wine events... yilch... wine: grape-juice that is way beyond it's use-by date - the wine lobby however is blocking legislation about use-by dates for their products (SCNR). Cheers, Jos