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Bamberg and Germany way too much beery fun!
Posted by Don Scheidt on 2005-01-01 11:49:49
Be assured that are more out there - lots more. Too bad about infected beer at Höhn; I was there a few years ago, and their beer was okay. My last experience with infected beer was at the Ambräusianum brewpub in Bamberg; I'll have to give the place a second chance, just to see if it was an unlucky fluke. I just returned from a brief (not even a week) visit there, to see friends in Erlangen. That meant an opportunity to check out the revivalist Steinbach brewpub; they were pouring a dark Bockbier, the name of which has slipped my memory, no doubt in part due to its potent 7% alc/vol. Christmas lunch was at the Schwanenbräu in Ebermannstadt; Pils and pale Bock were good, Dunkles had an obvious diacetyl note, but wasn't rendered completely undrinkable anyway. Great 'Hetzi' Vollbier at the Cafe Brazil pub in Erlangen, first time at the Landwehr-Bräu brewery-hotel- restaurant in Reichelshofen (north of Rothenburg/Tauber), and a return visit to the non-Franconian-but-still-superb Winkler in Lengenfeld... 'twas a good time. Who's going to Franconia in 2005, and when? Annafest, anyone? -- dgs
     Bamberg and Germany way too much beery fun! by John White on  2005-01-02 17:26:53
       Bamberg and Germany way too much beery fun! by Jezrauchbier on  2005-01-03 14:08:10