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8 brauereis in 1 day? Can it be done?
Posted by scott rankin on 2005-01-11 03:09:23
We actually made 10. Our order was Fassla, Spezial, Mahr's, Keesman, Klosterbrau, Greifenklau, Schlenkerla, Maisel, and Kaiserdom. We then went out to Drosendorf, with designated driver of course, and finished the night at Gollers. We started off the day very well with the picture taking so we will keep everybody posted with an upcoming article.
       You made it to 10, but why not 11? by Uncle Jimbo on  2005-01-25 16:31:08
         You made it to 10, but why not 11? by scott rankin on  2005-01-28 03:13:17