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maps and distances
Posted by Jezrauchbier on 2005-01-20 14:56:39
I would guess that Fassla to Klosterbrau takes between 10 and 15 minutes walking, although with a few beers inside you the walk seems shorter and takes longer. The bierschmeckerTouren brouchure (also available from the tourist office) gives the following distances and walking times: Altes Rathaus to Griefenklau 1100m, 12 minutes (uphill though) Griefenklau to Klosterbrau 1100m, 12 minutes (downhill!) Klosterbrau to Schlenkerla 440m, 5 minutes Altes Rathaus to Spezial/Fassla 780m, 8 minutes Mahrs/Keesmann to either the Fassla or Schlenkerla would be roughly 20-25minutes The town itself is probably similar in size to York Apart from the ten breweries in the town, roughly another ten are directly served by buses from the ZOB in the centre, at most a 30 minute bus ride away and for around 6 euros you can get a ticket that gives you unlimited travel for 48 hours. The Bus times need a bit of study to make the most of the less frequent services but I managed 4 of the outlying breweries and 2 or 3 of the city breweries a day during my stay there last week. Jez
     maps and distances by scott rankin on  2005-01-21 02:19:41