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Franconian festival in Sweden
Posted by Jan-Erik Svensson on 2005-02-14 04:07:04
February 10-12 2005, there was a Franconian beer festival in the town of Nynäshamn south of Stockholm, Sweden. In all, there were 25 different breweries (totally 42 products) to chose from. Of these, 23 different beers were served the traditional way from the barrel "ohne Kohlensäureanstich", the rest were kegged or bottled. Beside the traditional lagers and kellerbiers, there was a good selection of smoked beers and bocks plus the odd wheat beer. The festival included two different seminars, led by beer propagator Frank Wetzel and brewer Robert Pawelczak (Robesbierre) respectively. The long travel evidently made no harm to the beers - the quality was in most cases comparable to when sampled at the premises. The multitude of exceptional beers made the festival to a fair substitute to travelling to Franconia, even if I missed the sensuality of actually visiting the rural pubs that I love so much. Since the festival was visited by many of the leading profiles in the Swedish beer consumers' and homebrewing movements, it hopefully helped to widen the knowledge and interest about traditional Franconian beer in Sweden.
   Franconian festival in Sweden by Jos Brouwer on  2005-02-14 11:18:55