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Homebrewed Franconian-style Kellerbier
Posted by Rick Garvin on 2005-04-30 06:55:02
We have been working on a Franconian Kellerbier recipe for a few years now with better results for every batch. The inspirations were the beers made at Zum Max in Ampferbach and Sankt Georgen Brau in Buttenheim. If we cannot drink Franconian beer when we wish, we wanted to be able to make it. In 2004 the Kellerbier style was added as an example to the BJCP Style Guidelines for the "Specialty Beer" category as a historical style This was largely based on good showings by our rendition of the style in regional contests. In order to enter this category you must provide historical documentation for they style. We received some exciting news last week. Our entry to the US National Homebrew Competition acheived a first place in the East Region With any luck we will do well at the final round in June in Baltimore, Maryland. We make our beer from Weyermann Pils and Vienna malt mashed with a single temperature infusion, use a German lager yeast and ferment at a cool temperature of 55F/12.5C. Lots of Spalter hops for bittering and aroma with some Calcium Sulfate added in the kettle to accentuate the hop bitterness. Tasting this beer makes me miss those wonderful Franconian beers! Prosit, Rick
   Homebrewed Franconian-style Kellerbier by Jos Brouwer on  2005-05-01 12:26:28
     Homebrewed Franconian-style Kellerbier by jezrauchbier on  2005-05-01 14:54:44
       Homebrewed Franconian-style Kellerbier by Jos Brouwer on  2005-05-02 15:17:46
         Homebrewed Franconian-style Kellerbier by Rick Garvin on  2005-05-24 20:00:32