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Favorite time of year to visit Bamberg?
Posted by Fred Waltman on 2005-05-15 16:19:26
Each season has its own advantages... Late spring and summer are nice for bier kellers. Even if you don't get out of Bamberg, sitting up at Spezial keller on a summer evening is one of lifes finer (beer) pleasures. Fall, as you said, has bock bier. More and more breweries are doing Lenten (Fastenzeit) beers and airfares are still pretty cheap, if Easter is not too late. December you have Christmas Markets everywhere. Not a beer thing, but it still can be nice. For me, I can sum it up this way: When is the best time to visit Bamberg? Whenever I can :)
     Favorite time of year to visit Bamberg? by scott rankin on  2005-05-17 23:36:13