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Posted by Jos Brouwer on 2005-06-13 13:48:26
Right. Fred, mat I propose a FAQ, stating that Munich beers are OT here, as being inferior to the Franconian gold. The Oktoberfest is a tourist trap for lager louts anyway. (Proof: Last year a competition between beers from breweries from Franconia and Oberbayern proved that Franconian beers are better - this was an inner Bavarian competition IIRC). I fully agree, Munich beers are thick and sweet, and not very "bek├Âmmlich". After one beer you think you've had enough, and long for something more quaffable. Jos
       Oktoberfest / Annafest by Fred Waltman on  2005-06-13 14:33:51
         Oktoberfest / Annafest by Jos Brouwer on  2005-06-14 13:28:50
         Oktoberfest / Annafest by scott rankin on  2005-06-21 00:33:51
         Oktoberfest / Annafest by scott rankin on  2005-06-21 00:33:51