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Mahrs Named 'Best Brewery in the World'.
Posted by Fred Waltman on 2005-07-03 20:20:32
Well, its a bit apples and oranges except they do both brew an Ungespundentes -- and I think Mahrs' is better, but they are both good. The Spezial you get in the states is bottled by Mahrs and shipped and distributed thru their importer. Mahrs also does an excellent wheat bock during Lent -- it is up there with Aventinus. I am of two minds about telling people about Spezial -- I had been coming to Bamberg for a couple years before I found out they had rooms. Now sometimes its hard to get one (they only have 7) so I wish it was more of a secret :)
               Mahrs Named 'Best Brewery in the World'. by Linda C. on  2005-07-04 00:15:12