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Mahrs Named 'Best Brewery in the World'.
Posted by Fred Waltman on 2005-06-24 09:43:31
Cool. They picked Saison DuPont as the best beer in the world. It wouldn't be my choice but its not a bad one. While their choices aren't mine, there wasn't really a bad beer in the list. I do disagree with a catagory just called "Dark Beers" and statements such as (about Mönchshof Schwarzbier) "...and unlike most dark beers around the planet, Mönchshof is fermented like a pilsner -- at low temperatures" show the writer doesn't know as much about beer as he thinks he does (2 out of their three "Dark Beers" were lagers). And 3 of 15 beers were from Franconia (and if you throw out the "Belgian" and "Bitters & Ales" category its 3 out of 9!) I'll have to pick up a copy.