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Tentative November Bamberg Itinerary
Posted by MikeK on 2005-09-02 13:04:45
These are my tentative November Germany plans. Please feel free to comment and, particularly, let me know if I am making a mistake. I spent a couple days in Bamberg almost 5 years ago, which is why I want to go back. But I also have seen the major attractions and would like to make a couple half-day trips. I am planning to fly in to Berlin from London (where I will be visiting for a couple days) and then take the train to Leipzig, arriving around 19:00 or 20:00 on Monday evening 28 November. Why Berlin? The Easyjet flights there work better than Munich and I've never been to Leipzig--I've been to Munich and Berlin. I want to visit the Gose pubs Monday evening and then see the attractions on Tuesday morning. I am a historian and rare book librarian so I am interested in Leipzig's book museum. I then plan on taking either a 14:00 or 16:00 train to Bamberg arriving late afternoon or early evening. I am hoping to stay at Frank's apartment, pending availability. Tuesday night I will obviously go out for a few beers. I will leave Bamberg late Saturday morning in order to go to Cologne by train. While I am in Bamberg I will visit the brewery taverns, churches, and other historic sites, many of which I have visited before. I am currently thinking about a day trip to Mönchsambach to visit the brewery tavern and have lunch. I would then take the bus back toward Bamberg stopping at Brauerei Schwan at Einkaufsmarkt Hahner, Burgebrach for one or two beers. I'd then return to Bamberg by mid-late afternoon. On another day, I am interested in visiting the basilica at Vierzehnheiligen. I would like to visit the basilica in the morning and have lunch at Alte Klosterbrauerei and then return to Bamberg in the afternoon. I e-mailed the Vierzehnheiligen basilica inquiring about their winter hours, but have not received a response. I even asked in German. So if anyone knows anything about the winter opening hours at the basilica--and the pub, please let me know. If I do both day trips I will have parts of three afternoons and one full day and four full evenings in Bamberg and possibly a little bit of Saturday morning. But that should be enough time to explore the city again. Since the basilica visit would only be a few hours I would be more likely to cancel the trip to Mönchsambach since I am primarily going simply to have a couple beers and eat lunch at a brewery that is fairly highly recommended. I expect to arrive in Cologne late afternoon Saturday. I will visit the cathedral, Christmas market, and of course the kolsch pubs. I will also probably do a day trip or two from Cologne. I will probably go to Aachen and possibly to Düsseldorf, even though I have been there. Do the alt pubs brew anything special at the beginning of December? I do not leave Cologne until Tuesday evening so I have enough time in the city. Thanks for any suggestions or warnings. Mike
   Tentative November Bamberg Itinerary (Düsseldorf) by Fred Waltman on  2005-09-03 01:03:02