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Posted by ToddA on 2005-09-05 08:30:41
I'm spending ten days in Germany in early December. I have been following a web site and a town/city listed there 'Lichtenfels' is notably absent from this site. Am I missing something very elementary here due to my not understanding language? Or is this not on anybody's radar? I doubt the latter... Any advice as the above mentioned website shows eleven breweries in that town... ToddA
   Lichtenfels by Uncle Jimbo on  2005-09-05 09:37:53
   Lichtenfels by MikeK on  2005-09-05 13:14:09
   Lichtenfels by Fred Waltman on  2005-09-05 13:17:14
     Lichtenfels by ToddA on  2005-09-05 14:35:33