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Bad-Staffelstein advice?
Posted by Fred Waltman on 2005-09-05 20:35:19
Well, there are no breweries there anymore either (though one of the brew houses is still in use -- at Anderson Valley Brewing in Booneville, CA). Last summer I took a rented bike by train to Staffelstein and managed to ride past 7 breweries in an afternoon (2 were close, so I only drank at 5). But in December that is not so much of an option. If you want to visit a bunch of breweries by train, you can buy a Bayern ticket (something like Euro 24 for up to 5 people, Euro 16 for one, I think) and visit some of these breweries: Brauerei Sippel, Baunach Brauerei Hümmel, Breitengüssbach Schwanen-Bräu, Ebensfeld 2 Breweries in Reckendorf 3 Breweries in Burgkunstadt And this is just the northern line out of Bamberg (but the line splits at Brietengüssbach, IIRC). Now you may not be able to do all in one day because some trains are every 30 minutes but some are every 2 hours, but you can visit a bunch. IIRC, most of these are an easy walk from the train station (but check maps first) has very complete schedules (and you can pre-load lots of stuff by clicking the red DB by each brewery name on this site) Hope that helps.
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