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Bockbieranstich dates
Posted by Scott on 2005-09-12 00:31:03
Here is the list that I have. If there are any errors please feel free to correct them. Now the actual date maybe different, like instead of the 30th it is really the 29th, but at least this way you know within a day when they are. Maisel- 30th Sep Schlenkerla- 6th Oct Fassla- 13th Oct Keesman and Klosterbrau- 14th Oct Mahrs- 21st Oct Greifenklau- 17th Nov Ambrausianum- 24th Nov Those are the Bamberg breweries. I have dates for others if anybody is interested.
   Bockbieranstich dates by Fred Waltman on  2005-09-12 01:38:03
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