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Christmas in Bamberg
Posted by Fred Waltman on 2005-09-13 09:02:35
I've not been there around Christmas, so I can't help you on the breweries -- but beer is such a part of Franconian life I would be surprised if they close down, except maybe Christmas and New Years Day. As for the kellers, Spezial Keller and Mahrs Keller are open year round (except for Mondays) as they have indoor seating. Wilde Rose Keller is closed. For other places, I know some of the Forchheim Kellerwald Kellers are open year round and others like Friedelkeller ( ) are open weekends during the winter. Other than Spezial Keller (with its great view) there is no really advantage to drinking at the kellers when its too cold to sit outside :) I don't think any of the Bamberg breweries do a Christmas bock (though you may find some of their regular bock beer left) but some of country side breweries do a christmas bock.
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