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Brauerei Krug
Posted by Jos Brouwer on 2005-10-07 15:52:09
Sometimes the name of the "Gemeinde" is mentioned, rather than the village itself. "Gemeinde" is one of the hierarchical layers in the political organisation (administrative divisions, if you prefer - found this description in US geographical software). In some cases you could even encounter breweries with the same name in a "Gemeinde" - in one of my (older) brewery directories there are two "Drei Kronen" breweries listed under Schesslitz: one in Schesslitz (properly) and one in Schesslitz OT Strassgiech (OT: Ortsteil - sort of suburb, although "urb"~ish references might be an overrating for a village like Strassgiech). I'm quite sure more examples can be found. Jos
       Brauerei Krug by tokio on  2005-11-13 02:30:32