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Klosterbräu in Bamberg: beers
Posted by Uncle Jimbo on 2005-10-08 13:38:11
Here are some updates to the list of beers brewed at Klosterbräu in Bamberg (differences from those listed in the Beer Drinkers Guide to Bamberg, June 2005 edition). Pils, Braunbier, Schwärzla (Dunkel), Hefeweizen, Bocks: Maibock (Spring), Hell Bock (~October 28), dark Bock (single batch ~Dec. 22). No longer brew a Hell or a Lager. This was as of 9-30-05.
   Klosterbräu in Bamberg: beers by mike004 on  2005-10-09 10:05:48
     Klosterbräu in Bamberg: beers by Uncle Jimbo on  2005-10-09 14:01:03