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Questions re Bamberg and Dusseldorf
Posted by Günther on 2005-11-05 11:09:12
It would be better, in my opinion, to stay 3 days in Düsseldorf and visit one day Cologne (only 20 minutes by train from Düsseldorf) and sample there the excellent Koelsch-brews in the typical brewery pubs (e.g. Päffgen, Malzmühle, Reissdorf, Früh....) Most of the beers in Munich are rather dull, the franconian brews are really far better. But if You m u s t go to Munich, don't miss the "Forschungsbrauerei" in München-Perlach, Unterhachinger Strasse; the quality of their beers (Pilsissimus; St. Jacobus, Blonder Bock) is legendary.....
     Questions re Bamberg and Dusseldorf by Joelle on  2005-11-08 14:53:38