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Questions re Bamberg and Dusseldorf
Posted by Nick on 2005-11-03 01:05:07
Add me to the chorus of nay-sayers to the idea of Munich as a day trip from Bamberg. You have time to plan, and this website provides a great resource--consider visiting a couple of places in the country around Bamberg instead. AFA hotels in D-dorf go, I've stayed at Hotel Intercity right near the Bahnhof a couple of times (as has Don S., who may be lurking here), and they give you a pass for the whole transit system that's good for the duration of your stay. I've booked them through (English available--choose from the list in the upper right corner) for around € 50 or so per night. While I've not stayed at either of the breweries in Bamberg, I find that Spezial might prove to be a little bit less rough of a place than Fässla. At least, the pub itself seems a step up in class or so to me. Happy planning.
     Questions re Bamberg and Dusseldorf by scott on  2005-11-03 03:30:51