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Questions re Bamberg and Dusseldorf
Posted by Uncle Jimbo on 2005-11-02 08:22:24
>We're thinking about staying at Fassla in Bamberg. I noticed >that you can email them for reservations, but most of the >instructions are in German. Is it OK to email them in English? I can also report that I have successfully communicated with Fässla by email in English. :-) >We heard about the Starkbierzeit in Munich during this time >period, and thought we might take a day trip from Bamberg to >spend the afternoon there. Would that be feasable, or should >we plan to spend one night in Munich to do this? As others said, Bamberg to Munich is pretty far for a day trip. You could do it, but you would spend almost as much time on the trains as in Munich. >As for Dusseldorf, I know this site is geared more towards >Franconia, but can anyone suggest a few hotels close to the >altstadt and train stations that would be under 100 >euros/night? I have only been to Düsseldorf once, and I stayed at the Hotel an der Oper. Good hotel, very close to the Aldstadt,and near a subway station, too. I just did a quick check and single rooms are 68 Euros for the end of November. I checked using this web site: (click on English, then Hotels) Cheers, Jimbo
     Questions re Bamberg and Dusseldorf by Joelle on  2005-11-02 15:06:14