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Questions re Bamberg and Dusseldorf
Posted by Jos Brouwer on 2005-11-01 13:44:30
e-mail in english should work ok - the email is processed by Ute Kalb, she speaks english quite well. For Munich: it is up to you, but I wouldn'd do it - Bamberg/Franconian beers are so much better (IMHO - but I'm biased). For Dusseldorf, don't worry too much about vicinity to a train station (or Altstadt), public transport is good and cheap. Hotels in the Altstadt may look OK, but I've spend a night in a hotel acually IN the altstadt (Alt Duesseldorf on Hunsrueckenstrasse), but a lot of street noise went on a great deal into the night (but it was the eve of Ascension day, and the wheather was pretty good). Price and breakfast were ok.
     Questions re Bamberg and Dusseldorf by Joelle on  2005-11-01 14:31:36
       Questions re Bamberg and Dusseldorf by jezrauchbier on  2005-11-01 14:56:22