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Where I'll be...
Posted by Joelle on 2005-11-16 10:38:45
Fred, are any of these breweries easily accessible from Bamberg by public transportation too? Brauerei Schrüfer in Priesendorf. Brauerei Kaiser in Grasmannsdorf. Brauerei Wagner in Kemmern. Brauerei Bräutigam in Weissbrunn (which brews maybe the only true Pils in Franconia) Brauerei Büttner in Untergreuth. Brauerei Fischer in Freudeneck. Brauerei Zehendner in Mönchsambach Brauerei Krug and Brauerei Griess in Geisfeld Thanks! Joelle
           Where I'll be... by Fred Waltman on  2005-11-16 12:00:37
             Where I'll be... by Joelle on  2005-11-17 10:38:36