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Tambosi opposite the ZOB
Posted by Fred Waltman on 2005-11-16 20:33:45
I don't know who actually brews it, but a visit to Schesslitz will confirm its not there. I don't know the man who posted the Bayreuth comment, so I can't help you there. I had an interesting experience at Tambosi: A friend (Tom R) and I went in to try the Schmitt Bräu (I was less impressed than you are, but that is personal taste). It was about 10am or so. There were maybe 6-8 customers there -- each a middle aged (i.e. not young, not old) man, sitting at a table my himself with a beer and a cigarette. We got the not unusual look "who are these guys" as we sat down. While we were there another two or three men came in, one at a time and each sat at his own table. The place was absolutely quiet -- nobody was talking to anybody. That, combined with the vintage 60's (or 50's!) furnishings and decor made it a bit of a sureal experience. But do check it out when you are in Bamberg. I'm sure it's more 'normal' at more typical beer drinking hours.
     Tambosi opposite the ZOB by mike004 on  2005-11-17 01:08:14
       Tambosi opposite the ZOB by John Conen on  2005-11-20 05:00:32