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Posted by jezrauchbier on 2005-11-17 13:48:28
Most of Franconia is of poor resolution on Google Earth, but Nuremberg and a strip of land around Ansbach has some nice views. Unternbibert, Bruckberg, Vestenberg, Lichtenau and the now closed Wolframs Eschenbach breweries should be visible, but Fred has no GPS coordinates for these places and I've not visited them. Anyone else sad enough to pinpoint the above breweries? I am looking forward to the day hi res pics of Bamberg are uploaded to Google Earth and we can pay a virtual visit whenever we want.
   Google Earth - GPS by Fred Waltman on  2005-11-17 14:25:30
     Google Earth - GPS by jezrauchbier on  2005-11-17 15:05:49
   Google Earth by Nick B. on  2005-11-17 23:10:04