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kloster kreuzberg
Posted by m artello on 2005-11-21 12:53:31
can anyone give me any info on the accomadation at kloster kreuzberg iam sure they used to have a web site but i cant find it now .i would like to visit there next year but my telephone german is appalling, so dont feel too confident about phoning to get info
   kloster kreuzberg by Fred Waltman on  2005-11-21 16:34:13
     kloster kreuzberg by G√ľnther on  2005-11-22 22:59:39
       kloster kreuzberg by m artello on  2005-11-23 12:23:30
         kloster kreuzberg by ToddA on  2005-11-23 13:41:40
         kloster kreuzberg by m artello on  2005-11-25 08:44:50
           kloster kreuzberg by m artello on  2005-11-24 08:59:03
       kloster kreuzberg by ToddA on  2005-11-24 17:39:32
         kloster kreuzberg by J lawless on  2005-12-01 11:35:17