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Vroni's Getränkelädla out of business
Posted by Uncle Jimbo on 2005-11-29 09:32:02
I stopped by Vroni's Getränkelädla on Luitpold Str. last week and found that it is gone and replaced by a Polish specialty shop. They were a good beer shop, esp. if you were staying at the Hotel National a few doors down. The new shop does have a few Polish beers and some vodka, but the beer selection did not seem impressive to me (Polish beers I can get here in the US). Just FYI. Jimbo
   Vroni's Getränkelädla out of business by Fred Waltman on  2005-11-29 21:30:02
     Vroni's Getränkelädla out of business by Uncle Jimbo on  2005-11-30 06:14:06
       Vroni's Getränkelädla out of business by Fred Waltman on  2005-11-30 07:25:54