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Best beer of the world
Posted by Fred Waltman on 2005-12-22 22:16:28
Its sort of like the Olympics -- who is the best athelete? I would give a strong argument for the winner of the Decathalon (or Heptathalon). They may not be the best in any one event, but they have to do well in all. Mahrs may not (in somebody's rankings) have the "best" beer in any category, but they have "world class" beers in so many varied styles. Now, I realize the Men's Journal article was only looking at a limited subset of all the breweries in the world, but of all the breweries mentioned in the article, the only other one (this is off the top of my head -- its been awhile since I looked at it) that comes close might be Victory -- in terms of doing good or great beers in different styles. Disclosure: When I brought Stephan Michel a couple copies of the Magazine, he bought me a bunch of beer, so I may be biased. Any brewery in Bamberg that gives me free beer is the "best brewery" in my opinion :) (Except for Kaiserdom -- they'd have to pay me to drink it!)
       Best beer of the world -- Correction by Fred Waltman on  2005-12-22 22:23:22