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Home brewing: Franconian beer styles
Posted by Eric K on 2005-12-15 07:24:54
I recommend that you subscribe to Brew Your Own (BYO) and Zymurgy magizines. These magizines provide everything you need to know about homebrewing, from the begining extract brewer on the kitchen stove to the all-grain brewer on their self designed decoction system. BYO just had a great article on how to brew kellerbier Sept/Oct edition?) and a Schwarzbier in the latest issue(Dec/Jan). My primary advice is to read as many homebrewing magizines, journals, and text books you can get your hands-on. Also, and perhaps more importantly, join a local brew club. You will learn more than you thought possible. All-grain brewing is a simple process (one you will need to master for German brews), but you must have the basic equipment (i.e., lots of large SS pots) and a passion to learn about beer making. Treat your failures as learning experiences. Brewing is as much of a science is it as an art. Be creative but document your steps in in enough detail to duplicate the methods and recipe. Also, this is a "hobby" so relax and have a homebrew. Prost, Eric K