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[eagerly awaiting details]
Posted by Nick B. on 2005-12-15 10:26:39
Bummer. While I admit to encountering the occasional buttery Frankenbier, it doesn't bother me much. Yeah, some percentage of the 300+ breweries in this little region aren't really up to snuff; I guess it's just a matter of probability. Thanks for not plowing into me as I was out pedaling around on my bike, while you were driving to all those breweries. (Hope you had no other beer/driving related trouble as well. I cringe when I think of driving after having had even one beer Over Here. There, I said it: no flames, please.) Curious--who knows how large Franken is compared to, say, Belgium, and the population? Just for comparison's sake. Now off for a week in Amsterdam, Brugge, and possibly points between or elsewhere... Und jetzt, ein Weihnachtsgeschenk: I rounded up cases of these last week in the car. A case of 20 (a couple had an extra bottle thrown in--I got comped!!!) averaged about 12 EUR plus deposit at the breweries in question. From L-R: Br. Eichhorn in Dörfleins--7.3% Fruitiest of the bunch, probably because there's a bit of yeast in this unfiltered treat, and there's no shortage of alcohols. It's almost a Belgian heller bock, actually. FG Br. Kundmueller in Weiher--6.6% Least dry, least strong, least impressive overall, but still not bad. G Br. Sonne in Bischberg--6.8% Mildest, but also hellest. Dry. FG Br. Grasser in Huppendorf--7.5% Hands-down winner. Dryest, strongest, most hoppy and bitter, but also solidly malty. FFG Br. Hönig in Tiefenellern--7.2% A bit messy; I'm not sure exactly what's not quite right about this one, but I'll have no trouble finishing the case. G (G==GOOD, FG==FREAKING GOOD)