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An Couple of Ideas for Sylvester 2011
Posted by Mark Andersen on 2011-01-04 06:49:24
Yeah it's one of the reason's I like reading Pattinson's blog because you realize when you look at brewing records over a long period of time there is a fluctation up and down of strength and gravity of the beer styles and there are no set in stone rules. Things like two world wars had as much impact on beer strength as anything. This is why I think guidelines like what BJCP puts out should be looked at simply rough guidelines and not set rules that must be followed. A mild in 1860 probably looked a lot different than a mild in 1918. I'm not really sure how they got the IPA's to have a higher attenuation back in the day. If I wanted to get higher attenuation today I'd either use different yeast strain (some strains attenuate higher than others) or simply use more yeast.
                               An Couple of Ideas for Sylvester 2011 by Nick B. on  2011-01-04 08:32:52
                                 An Couple of Ideas for Sylvester 2011 by Mark Andersen on  2011-01-04 10:47:59