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Bier Ohne Grenzen (Beer Without Borders)
Posted by Nick B. on 2011-01-20 00:25:24
Well MA sounds like OR then (ha!) at least in terms of the liquor licensing, just extend that food requirement to beer & wine licences. Hey, there *is* a substantial Mormon population in Oregon... The difference between "pub" and "bar" --to me-- is as much a matter of feeling as it is anything else, I suppose. Places like the average McMenamins pub in Oregon simply don't exist in Minnesota (or didn't in my life there anyway). Minnesota has bars, at least in the most part, and Oregon has pubs and bars. I'd be curious to hear about the difference between "bar" and "pub" from a British perspective, non-topicality notwithstanding. And from a Franconian, please explain the difference between "Kneipe", "Gastst├Ątte", and "Lokal". AFA Franconian beer goes, I drank none yesterday, except that which I've brewed myself, with decidedly NON-Franconian hops. I expect today will see more of the same. And I'm brewing some Franconian beer today.
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