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Posted by Nick B. on 2011-02-05 10:55:15
Loose criteria...I fondly recall the way the "nice" older lady at the Brauereigastst├Ątte in Heiligenstadt reacted when I asked what sort of beer it was. (I do this every time I go.) I've argued on r8beer that "Landbier" ought not be considered a "style" at all, rather, a name. They're sometimes dark and malty (or dark & bland), sometimes pale and malty (or bland), sometimes hoppy, sometimes not. "Beer brewed in the country". Except when manufactured at a factory in a big city! Of the three terms, I think "Kellerbier" is the most appropriate to call a "style".
                       Keller- by JosB on  2011-02-06 16:58:53