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The Umlaut in Welsh
Posted by Barry on 2011-02-21 02:47:07
That's true, there are pockets of strong Welsh speaking, a bit like the Gaeltacht areas in Ireland. About 4% of the Irish population speak Gaeilge as their everyday language but even that is very compromised. The Fine Gael party (likely to win Friday's general election) are not strong on the language and are promising to abandon the long held policy of making it mandatory for honours degrees in the major universities. Back to Wales: I know of very few areas where Welsh is truly the first and everyday language. My sister used to live in one in North Wales and both my nieces were fluent Welsh speakers in their schooldays and have not spoken a word of the language since! Mind you, one lives in England and the other in Australia! I don't believe that there's a word in English for omelette as well - either Spanish or any other variety! I've never found it difficult to order beer in any country that I've ever visited.