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Getränkemärkte/Beer Stores in Bamberg and area around!
Posted by DonS on 2011-02-23 07:45:29
Recommendations? Yeah, dozens. But to make things easy: go northwest from Bamberg, along the B26; exit to go into Bischberg. Stop in at Zur Sonne; they sell bottles to go. Get back on the B26; as you continue northwest, you'll see a big commercial development with several retail businesses, including a Netto supermarket and an E-Center hypermarket. Stop in and browse the bottles there if you want. Can't remember if there's also a Getränkemarkt in there. Continue along the B26; stop in at Mainlust in Viereth-Trunstadt. They too sell bottles to go. Then head south to Weiher for a stop at Kundmüller, and yes, bottles to go there. Go back to the B26 and, again, head northwest to Eltmann, and take the road south towards Trossenfurt. When you see the sign for Weisbrunn, head east and stop in at Brauereigaststätte Bräutigam; yep, bottles to go. Then down to Trossenfurt, and the local Roppelt Brauerei-Gasthaus (not to be confused with the other Roppelt in Stiebarlimbach). If that doesn't provide you with plenty of beer-drinking and bottle-buying opportunities, I don't know what will. Treat your designated driver well!