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Getränkemärkte/Beer Stores in Bamberg and area around!
Posted by Gerhard Schoolmann on 2011-02-24 09:22:44
You should make a date with Andy Gänstaller and visit his new brewery. His new brewery "Gänstaller Brew" is in Schnaid. Haus Nr.10, Schnaid, Bavaria Germany 91352 that is at the foot of the Kreuzberg. He has leased the old Friedel brewery and will move from Beck's Bräu, Trabelsdorf, to Schnaid (official at the 1th march 2011). There is no brewpub of Andy in Schnaid. The brewpub which belongs to this brewery is in Strassgiech, Drei Kronen 1608. The website isn't actual so far. But the images give a good impression: The pub of Andy (or his wife) will open at 16th march 2011. It will be open four days a week and on sunday. But please wait with the questions to Andy because he has much to do in these weeks.
                             Getränkemärkte/Beer Stores in Bamberg and area around! by Mads K on  2011-02-25 02:53:05
                               Getränkemärkte/Beer Stores in Bamberg and area around! by Mark Andersen on  2011-02-25 12:35:32
                                 Getränkemärkte/Beer Stores in Bamberg and area around! by Barry on  2011-02-26 02:32:10