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Posted by Gerhard Schoolmann on 2011-02-28 12:46:21
Hi Jimbo, our reasons to visit "Sternla": - the owner Uwe Steinmetz is a business partner of our event Canalissimo. So he took time to talk with us. - He makes special events with beer, p.e. Bockbieranstich with Huppendorfer Kathreinbook and Josefibock. Our group was interested to learn how to sell beer. - The meals are okay. - The selection of beer isn't bad for the most of our participants who visit Bamberg the first time (Mahr's U, Keesmann Sternla, Keesmann Herrenpils, Huppendorfer Vollbier). The most participants prefer Mahr's U, because we didn't visit Mahrs/Keesmann (to far away, not so much time). - The location was good for the next steps (Fässla, Spezial) and we could - walking around - tell the participants something about the restaurant Messerschmitt, the houses of the former hope sellers in the Hain street and other historical stories of Bamberg). In other words: The participants are not beer geeks. For beer geeks the "Sternla" isn't the best address.