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Great Expectations - latest news
Posted by Nick B. on 2011-03-03 05:46:53
Also, the paler the malt, the drier the beer of course. Please figure out a nice recipe for that Timothy Taylor Golden Mild(?) and post! I'd like to split my brewing between Transatlantic Golden Ale and mild, but I have no feasible access to proper British malts. Weyermann's Pale Ale and Pilsener malts do yield nice dry hoppy pale ale, but to experiment with mild...?
       Great Expectations - latest news by Barry on  2011-03-04 09:47:09
         Great Expectations - latest news by Nick B. on  2011-03-05 00:55:54
           Great Expectations - latest news by Barry on  2011-03-05 03:36:29