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Bamberg group visit
Posted by Barry on 2011-03-01 02:21:51
Thanks everyone. Just a quick summary at this point. First, it seems that a number of people would be interested and I'm sure that the number would grow if an interesting programme could be put together (sure you could be of great help with this, Gerhard, Juergen, Nick!). Second, there is no point in thinking about 2011, too many comittments already but good to see the number of attempts at informal meet-ups (our meeting with Don and his friends last September was great and part inspiration for this project). Third, for myself, I would prefer it not to be linked to an established event but to try to arrange unique opportunities (see point 1). Also, most of the great festivals take place either in late July or in August, which would make things difficult for a lot of people. I still think that the May/June or Sept/Oct period is favourite, as fares are generally cheaper and many venues would welcome the trade at that time and, perhaps, give more favourable deals. Also, of course, the kellers would be open, which is a great attraction. So, I'll just try to keep the project bubbling away for the next period, with occasional reminders - but let's not let it lapse for lack of enthusiasm!
         Bamberg group visit by TreinJan on  2011-03-01 03:36:41
         Bamberg group visit by Bill Miller on  2011-03-03 09:03:44
           Bamberg group visit by Barry on  2011-03-03 12:12:00