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Bahn-Streik / Croos border
Posted by Nick B. on 2011-03-08 14:55:53
I see no updates about strike news as of tonight. Could be that they'll strike on Wed or Thu for a day to make a big start, not at all, or who knows? And the Autobahn(s) are very well signed for getting from one city to another, even if street signs within cities are abominable by US standards. No GPS needed to get you to Bamberg (via FRA or not).
                 Bahn-Streik / Croos border by Fred Waltman on  2011-03-08 21:02:48
                   Bahn-Streik / Croos border by Nick B. on  2011-03-08 23:36:50
                     Bahn-Streik / Croos border by Barry on  2011-03-09 02:20:39