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Posted by Gerhard Schoolmann on 2011-03-16 13:51:47
Today I have visited the pub "Drei Kronen 1308" in Strassgiech (together with Fred Waltman, his father, and Hannes Schulters). Some photos: More photos from Fred Waltman in the next days: at question 2: the beers will brewed at Schnaid. But in the pub he sells actually and temporarily some old beers brewed at Trabelsdorf. The brewery at Strassgiech is an poor conditon, only useful as decoration. at question 3: same receipts. We have drunken the "Drei Kronen Kellerbier", which was still brewed at Trabelsdorf. Andy will sell his beers under two different brands: At Strassgiech You will get them under the brand "Drei Kronen 1308" and in the rest of the world You will get them under the brand "Gänstaller-Bräu". Today he tapped only "Drei Kronen Kellerbier". In the next days/weeks you can get als "Drei Kronen Zoiglbier" (in a 1-liter-syphon). On bottle you can get also the "Felsentrunk" from the brewery Hartmann. The beer prices: 0,5 l Kellerbier for 2 Euro, 1 Liter Zoiglbier for 4,90 Euro. The food is the same as in Trabelsdorf. We have eaten the bestseller "Treberschnitzel" with potatoes and Rumpsteak. question 1: I don't know.
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