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brewery closures
Posted by Jürgen Wening on 2011-03-17 02:12:16
John, you have to find a Wirtshaus that serves Kanone-Bier, because their brewery pub is closed. The beer is quite good. Enzensteiner is worth a visit when the weather is fine, but you have to get used to the beer. Some of the sorts are drinkable, some absolutely not. IMO. But they've got nice serving girls up there and a beautiful location on the top of a hill. So, two good reasons for a visit. :-) In fact, there are three breweries left: Brauerei Wolfshöhe is nearer to Schnaittach (only 1.5 km way) than to Neunkirchen am Sand. The brewery pub is nice. The beer is a matter of taste. IMO Schaffer had the best beer of Schnaittach. j.
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